January 3 1431 – Joan of Arc is Turned Over to Bishop Pierre Cauchon

January 3 1431 – Joan of Arc is Turned Over to Bishop Pierre CauchonRate this post Less than two years after upending the English at Orleans and leading the French to a string of victories, the young warrior Joan of Arc — aged just 19, according to her testimony — was turned over to Bishop Pierre Cauchon on January 3, 1431. Days later, she would be put on trial for heresy. As a child, Joan gained a reputation for deep Catholic faith. The last of five children born to a peasant farmer in Domremy, her life changed dramatically as the result of a vision during her early teens. Alone in […]

January 3 1977 – Apple Computer Is Incorporated

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January 3 1977 – Apple Computer Is Incorporated5 (100%) 1 vote Apple Inc, the largest publicly traded company of the world by market capitalization, with over 72,800 full-time employees and a value of about $415 billion (March 2013) was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on January 3, 1977 . At the age of 20, living in his parents’ place in Los Altos, California, college dropout Steve Jobs spent most of his time in his parents’ garage with his friends “Woz” and Wayne. Here, they founded Apple Computer on April 1, 1976 and lay the foundation for Apple’s revolutionary approach to personal computing. […]