January 15 1970 – The Nigerian Civil War Comes to an End

January 15 1970 – The Nigerian Civil War Comes to an EndRate this post A decade after gaining independence from Britain, the West African nation of Nigeria experienced a reprieve from strife when the Nigerian-Biafran War — a civil war divided along ethnic lines — came to a close on January 15, 1970. Brutal at every turn, as many as three million people may have died during four years of combat. Following World War II, the British Empire receded slower in Africa than in Asia. Whereas many new nations on the subcontinent and in the Far East — India, Pakistan, Burma and so on — received independence within the first […]

January 15 2001 – Wikipedia Goes Online

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January 15 2001 – Wikipedia Goes Online5 (100%) 1 vote On January 15, 2001, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia, a collaborative Internet-based encyclopedia which is edited and written by the Internet community. Wikipedia is an immensely popular general reference site and the largest such site. Though the English version is the most popular, Wikipedia is available in many languages. Most of the earlier encyclopedias of the world were print-based and in 1993, Microsoft published its CD-ROM based encyclopedia – Encarta. In 2000, an English web-based encyclopedia Nupedia was launched by Bomis, a web-advertising firm owned by Jimmy Wales, Tim Shell, and Michael E. Davis. Nupedia needed volunteer contributors […]