May 21 1471 – King Henry VI is Killed in the Tower of London

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May 21 1471 – King Henry VI is Killed in the Tower of London
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On May 21, 1471, Henry VI, King of England and France, was killed in the Tower of London thus bringing an end to the dominance of the House of Lancaster and marking the ascendance of the House of York in England.

Henry VI was the only child of Henry V and Catherine of Valois. He was the last of the Lancastrian rulers of England and reigned between 1422 and 1461 and again between 1470 and 1471. Born at Windsor Castle in 1421, Henry VI succeeded his father Henry V and his grandfather Charles VI of France, to the thrones of England and France, when he was only nine months old. In 1429, the infant Henry VI was crowned King of England, and shortly afterwards, in 1431 he became the King of France. France continued to remain a difficult land to administer. The appearance of Joan of Arc in 1428, tormented the English administrators. She was instrumental in rescuing the French Dauphin Charles, who soon came to be crowned at Reims as Charles VII, while she herself burned at the stake.

Henry’s minority was dominated by Cardinal Beaufort and the Duke of Gloucester, who were both his uncles but were known for their conflicting opinions and temperaments. …(Read more)

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