May 27 1703 – St. Petersburg Is Founded by Peter the Great

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May 27 1703 – St. Petersburg Is Founded by Peter the Great
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In May 2015, St. Petersburg, founded by Tsar Peter I, completed 312 glorious years of existence. It was on May 27, 1703 that the revolutionary Russian ruler Peter I had set out to build himself a city that rivaled the European cultural centers in its magnificence and commissioned the Peter and Paul Fortress.

When Tsar Peter I ascended to the throne of Russia in 1682, he was only 10 years old. While Peter ruled jointly with his half-brother till 1696, it was his half-sister Sophia who acted as regent and exercised all power for close to a decade. Peter later became the sole ruler till his death in 1725. He was a revolutionist and a visionary.

A great patron of western education and ways, Peter sought to bring a number of cultural and social reforms to Russia. Peter had inherited the Tsardom of Russia and his dreams for his nation were great. He envisioned a large empire that would challenge the limits hitherto untested by previous rulers. To back the size of the empire, he established a modern, rationalist system of socio-political lifestyle, and encouraged pursuit of science and cultural reformation. …(Read more)

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